Royal Pain

Royal Pain

She’ll give new meaning to the phrase… Royal Pain

Mallory Murphy is a walking disaster. Seriously. Everything she touches turns to sh*t, so when she accidentally transforms a sexy stranger into a giant eggplant—the vegetable kind, not the emoji kind—of course he’s freaking royalty. Now Mal’s being dragged online and her studio is in trouble because no one wants to take art lessons from “Mad Eyes Murphy”, the most hated woman in America.

Prince William Stanley will do whatever it takes to secure his crown, except choose a bride from the list of noblewomen his parents hand selected. Under pressure to marry and produce an heir, Liam decides a fake American girlfriend may be just what he needs to bring the royal wedding march to a screeching halt.

Liam convinces Mal the only way to repair her image is to pretend they’re dating. One month. One hot mess. A steamy affair that blurs the lines between real life and royal fantasy. What could go wrong?

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